The Century Club Presents: Tales of Adventure!

thing 1
did you see that!

I killed two electro-zeppelins with my sword… did you guys see that shit?

New Years Eve, 1921
A star studded gala gone awry!

The evening started out well enough – the Century Club and the elite of the jet set and New York mingled with the workers, scientists and curators of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences for several hours – the botanical gardens shimmered with snow and moonlight, while the grand entry hall kept everyone warm.

The buzz of the evening surrounded the mysterious gift of Liesel Rothschild, a mysterious display hidden beneath sheets to be revealed at the stroke of midnight. This of course disuaded nobody, and numerous Centurions discovered the stone sculptures hidden beneath – later revealed to be the Archangels Michael and Gabriel – and not, as everyone seemed to expect, a bomb.

It was well into the evening when the sharp eye of Arther Adler and the keen aeronautic sense of the Sheik of the Air noticed a number of Rigid Airships making their way towards the gathering in a most inauspicious manner. With Janika’s help, they were discovered to belong to a German pro-aryan secret society whose members included former Eisenkreuz operatives and up until recently Liesel herself. It seemed they were intent on recovering the twin Archangels.

Further investigation by noted skeptic and psychic Yelena Lazlo revealed that the twin angels reacted with a psychic resonance with each other – likely the reaction would increase with the other two pieces of the set, and could be used as some sort of arcane power source. With the assistance of Philippa Van Der Gelt, Arthur Adler and a crew of laborers from the museum were able to relocate Michael during the confrontation in the gardens.

The Sheik of the Air, Jordan “Jumpin” Juniper and Mack Silver took to the skies to fend off the incursion as well as they could, performing with aplomb and style stunts of aerial acrobatics, engineering improvisation and sheer guts – including cutting a Zeppelin in half, and using the Flying Carpet’s experimental afterburners to propel another of the rigid airships into a third.

On the ground, Herr Blitz – another of Janika’s old accomplices – led a strike team of electro-armored troops to the surface. Yelena used her knowledge of Tesla’s electro-science to ascend to one of the ships, while Vincent Stone, the Doctor, and Janika did battle with the ground forces. Our heroes quickly dispatched the agents of discord, and knowing he was outmatched, Herr Blitz activated a jetpack to make good his escape.

All was well… until at the stroke of midnight, a scream was heard from the Egyptian wing!


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