The Great War is over, and the world is a darker place. Unseen danger ripples ripples behind the scenes, out of sight and mind for most. From Europe to Darkest Africa, hidden enemies plot to destroy the human race, conquer lost kingdoms and set the future to ends that should never be seen; shadows grasp at the hearts of the brave and silence the hope of the new century.

There is one organization that stands in their way: The Century Club. Currently operating from their members only headquarters in Washington, D.C., this centuries old club extends its membership to only the most exceptional of individuals – talented artists, the most graceful of socialites, and the most progressive scientists. Such individuals are given a safe environment to mix and mingle with one another, and the mystery associated with with membership ensures they’ll always be sought out by the well-to do and well informed. In addition to providing for its members needs, the organization is heavily involved in philanthropic enterprise, the promotion of the arts and the advancement of science.

Presented here for your enjoyment is a collection of tales of some of the most esteemed members of the Club, from records recently recovered.

The Century Club Presents: Tales of Adventure!

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